Humble House Gallery                                                                          


 Address:         91, East Fifth Road, Wuyuan Village, 

Dongshan Township, Yilan County

Telephone:     03-9509595

Fax:                 03-9569659


Open Hours:  9:00 ~ 17:00


n          Guided tour

n          Dining and accommodation

n          Painting framing

n          Chinese and western painting retailing


In distance, the gallery may look like an ordinary building; however, when you walk closer, its exterior colored with geometric blocks will definitely draw your attention. The amazing structure is outstanding among the rice field, making it a landmark of Dongshan Leisure Farming District. The hosts, father and son, mainly run the wooden framing business and paintings retailing. They are both photography lovers; they have organized a few of individual exhibitions on presenting their fine works. In addition, the lodging service is available in the house for visitors who wish to stay over night.   

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