Coral Museum                                                            


      Address220 Nanan Rd., Suao Town, Yilan County


      Hours9:0012:00 and 13:0017:00

      AdmissionNT$100 for adults,

      Servicesguided tour, appraisal/inquiry services on corals and gems


  Well-known internationally as a gem and coral town that harbored more than 400 coral vessels and 80% of the world’s coral production in its heyday, Nanfang-Ao still imports its coral products to many places in Europe and the America today. Curator Lai Rong-Hsing, wanting to leave behind proofs of the stature gained by the local coral industry, opened a part of his own residence as museum exhibition area displaying his own works. Insightful advises on gemstones and corals are also available too.


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