Ci-Lin  Educations Foundation                                    


      Address128 Chiujie Rd, Wujie Hamlet,Yilan County


      Hours9:0017:00; closed on Mondays

      AdmissionFree. Guided tour service is also available at no extra charge

      Servicesguided tour, lodging (group), packaged trips


   The Ci-Lin Educational Foundation, founded by former Democratic Progressive Party chairman Lin I-hsiung and his wife in 1991, aimed to promote education,   incubating good social attitude, and the production of high-quality civic nationals. The foundation is home to: 1. The Historic Center of Taiwan. 2. Cilin Memorial Hall: formed in momory of the tragic killing of the in Family, one of the historic sites in Ilan County. 3. Taiwan Democratic Movement Hall: displays the pursuit for democracy embarked by Taiwanese for more than a century.


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