Chenjhongcang Art Gallery                                         


      Address65 Meihu Rd., Dongshan Hamlet, Yilan County


      Hours9:0018:00 (Saturday & Sunday), group reservation for parties 6 and higher not limited to the weekend-only schedule.

      AdmissionNT$50 for adults, NT$40 for students, NT$50 per person for groups

      Servicesguided tour (for parties 6 and more, advance reservation required), NT$200/per person do-it-yourself imprinting workshop

      OtherOne replicate card of masterworks for free

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   One of the most symbolic private museums in Yilan County, the harmony-designed Chenjhongcang Art Gallery was opened in July, 1997, in the scenic area of Meihua Lake under the watchful eyes of its founder and namesake, artist Chen Jhongcang. First floor is dedicated to Chen’s own masterpieces, and second floor artworks done by famous artists, foreign and domestic.


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