Bajia Fish Farm                                                                                       


Address:          1-10, Bajia Road, Shangde Village,

Yuanshan Township, Yilan County

Telephone:     03-9225990

Fax:                 03-9225548


Open Hours:  Daily during dining hours

Admission:     Free

Service:          Dining


There are 80% of Ayu in Taiwan cultivated in Yilan; Bajia Fish Farm, with an annual yield of 100 tons, is counted the largest Ayu Farm within the island. The owner, Huang, Yu-ming, first started aquafarming in goldfishes and carps in Yuanshan in 1989. After earning a great success, Mr. Huang transformed the foundation into Ayu farming in 1997 and he eased more fields in Jhuangwei for growing shrimps and fries. In 2002, the farm became part of a leisure promotion project conducted by the government, heading to establish an educational ground for aquaculture.  

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