Dongshan Kite Museum                                              


◎  Address35 Anjhong Rd Donqshan Town, Yilan County (inside Dongshan Primary School)

      Telephone03-9593504 ext 1002 (MondayFriday)

              03-9591105 ext 34 (Saturday and Sunday)

      Hours8:0012:00 and 13:3016:30  (MondayFriday)

      Admission Free. Guided tour service is also available at no extra charge

      Servicesguided tour

   Roughly 100 pings of space divided into five theme exhibition rooms: “Where Kites Came From”, “Four Crafts or Kites”, “Piggyback Kites”, “Fancy Kites”, and Allure of Dongshan Town”, where impressive kite designs and structures and glossaries are presented in a systematic and orderly fashion. Past kite competitions entered by Dongshan Primary School are also on display too.




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